AVG Internet Security – 1-Year / 1-PC

AVG Internet Security – 1-Year / 1-PC

AVG Internet Security – 1-Year / 1-PC


  • Brand: AVG Technologies (End-User: New License)
  • Manufacturer Part #: IST1201EN-OK
  • Our Part #: AVS-IST1201EN-OK
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Media Type: Download
  • Platform: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11


Security that really accelerates your computer

AVG Internet Security accelerates the download of content-rich downloads, unlike certain security software that can make your PC run slower. You may now watch web videos like those on YouTube more quickly than ever thanks to speedier system startup, support for Flash, and HD video.

Accelerator by AVG

In order to provide content more quickly, AVG Accelerator maximises your computer’s connectivity. It reduces hitches and delays while watching YouTube videos and speeds up the download of binary data. By default, AVG Accelerator is turned on when you turn the computer on.

System Tools AVG

AVG’s System Tools keep an eye on your computer and let you disable unnecessary programmes that start with Windows automatically. The System Monitor also shows you what processes are active. You can use this programme to decide for yourself how trustworthy your computer is and how safe your files are.

Defend against hackers and stop identity theft

AVG Internet Security offers more protection than simply antivirus, safeguarding your identity when you shop and conduct financial transactions. AVG Firewall guards against incoming and outgoing assaults, while Identity Protection safeguards any private information you enter online.

Enhanced Firewall by AVG

The AVG Enhanced Firewall guards against malicious assaults by monitoring all network traffic. Your sensitive information will be protected from inbound and outbound attacks, including those where malicious software hijacks your computer and tries to harm others, by the Firewall when it detects an intrusion attempt.

To keep your home wired or wireless networks secure, the AVG Enhanced Firewall also has clever intrusion detection features.

Identity protection from AVGTM

The conventional identity theft prevention software pales in comparison to AVG Identity ProtectionTM. In addition to protecting you from online attacks, we can also detect potentially harmful activity on your PC and terminate it before it can cause any harm.

Award-winning Antivirus Software

Automatically updating antivirus software to shield you from threats that are constantly changing. AVG’s research labs are always analyzing online data to deliver new protections to keep you automatically protected as hackers create new techniques.

Antivirus, malware, and spyware protection

With the aid of our anti-virus technology, you are shielded against contracting a virus, worm, or Trojan horse or unintentionally spreading one. Traditional anti-virus software is the first line of defence since it prevents known dangers from entering your system by comparing them to a database.

You are shielded from spyware and adware that can monitor your personal data by AVG Anti-Spyware.

By checking files for dangers when they are copied, opened, or saved, AVG Resident Shield adds an extra layer of security and stops you from opening malicious files.

Protective Cloud Technology from AVG

Emerging threats are identified “in the cloud” and prevented from infecting your computer via AVG’s automatic updates to your antivirus software.

Network for Community Protection by AVG

Customers who choose to participate in our survey programme help us gather data on the most recent threats, which helps us continuously spot new dangers, support the entire AVG community, and deliver better anti-virus security.

Playing games and uninterrupted surfing

Continue your gaming and browsing uninterrupted. Scans run when you are not at your computer, and they are aware when you are playing games, so they only run in the background while you play.

Smart Scanner by AVG

When you’re away from your PC, our sophisticated and lightweight smart scanning technology functions in high-priority mode; when you move the mouse or press a key, it switches to low-priority mode.

AVG Smart Scanning greatly reduces scan times by ignoring previously scanned files that it already knows are safe.

Gaming Mode

In multi-player games like Call of Duty, AVG’s Game Mode offers continuous protection throughout continuous action without the grating lags and freezes brought on by periodic updates and scans. AVG protects your online identity from groups of hackers who are browsing the web with the intent of stealing your game prizes and selling them for real money.


Your level of protection is constantly being monitored by AVG, which notifies our labs team of any security risks it finds. There is an Auto-Fix button next to the flagged alert message that, when clicked, fixes the issue.

AVG will automatically fix faults and return to the optimal protection setting by pressing the Auto-Fix button.

Keep spam, worms, and scams out of your messaging

Keep spam out of your inbox and guard it against phishing scams and the hidden malware they contain. When sending files using well-known instant messaging services like MSN and Yahoo, AVG will also safeguard you.

AVG AntiSpam

You have a far lower chance of falling victim to an online scam if you use AVG Anti-Spam since we continually update our scanning databases to give you the most comprehensive security.

Spam on the internet sometimes includes worms and is a component of a botnet, which is a network of computers that has been taken over and is controlled from a central location.

Online Shield by AVG

AVG Online ShieldTM verifies that online chat links are secure and scans files before you download them. It examines files using both our own LinkScanner technology and AVG’s Scanning Engine. Additionally, Instant Messaging Protection ensures your security when sending and receiving files via ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo! instant messenger.

Email Scanner AVG

In order to prevent damaging attachments and URLs from reaching your inbox, AVG E-mail Scanner scans all emails for dangers before sending them. The AVG E-mail scanner can be used as a personal email scanner for POP3 and SMTP accounts, as well as a plug-in for email clients like Microsoft Outlook.

Safely Browse and Search in the Web

You want to search and browse, but you never want to visit any websites that are infected. AVG assists you by warning you of hazards in a clear manner and guiding you away from them.

Using AVG LinkScanner Search-Shield By displaying safety ratings in the search engine results, LinkScanner enables you to evaluate a site’s security before visiting it. By providing a safety rating next to each link, Search-Shield works with Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other well-known search engines to let you know which websites are safe to visit and which should be avoided. Each of the four categories used to grade websites is color-coded for quick identification.

Surf-Shield for LinkScanner

AVG Surf-Shield aggressively scans websites in real-time just before you arrive at them, which is the only moment that matters. It stops you from visiting the site if it finds something questionable.

When you click a link to a web page as well as each time you type a web address into your browser directly, you are protected by Surf-Shield. AVG’s LinkScanner has been significantly enhanced to provide the highest detection rates ever.

On Facebook, share your life—not viruses

You may communicate and talk with your friends on Facebook and other social networks knowing that every website and link has been scanned for malware with AVG protecting your computer. A malicious link won’t be sent to you or one you’ll receive from friends.

Social Networking Security with AVG

AVG’s strong and exclusive Social Networking Protection is available only through AVG. To protect you and your friends, links shared on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace are automatically verified in real-time.

There is no need to fuss with complicated account or programme settings because AVG Social Networking Protection will start as soon as you install AVG.

Support from Knowledgeable & Caring Techies

AVG is aware of the need to remain secure online regardless of location or time of day; our goal is to offer constant peace of mind around-the-clock.

You can contact our team of professionals at any moment for technical support at AVG Support. Whether you have a concern about installation, product setup, or AVG technical issues, we are here to relieve your worries and make sure you are completely secured.

Advisor AVG

AVG Advisor is a brand-new proactive service that continuously monitors the computer and offers the customer advice on various computer issues they can encounter. We know that many of our customers have browsers and other applications open for many hours without knowing these applications are constantly consuming the available memory of their PC. Over time, the available memory becomes low and causes the computer to slow down. AVG Advisor will help with such problems by advising you of the potential issue and helping you to rectify it.


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