Refund and Returns Policy

BestAntivirusDeal strives to please its customers and provides them with fair return policies.

A 30-day guarantee is offered on all of our items. Fresh, unused items are eligible for a full price refund, minus shipping costs, within 30 days after delivery. Before returning any things, kindly contact us by email at

BestAntivirusDeal will process the product/license key through manufacturer verification to make sure the product hasn’t been activated or tampered with before electronic distribution.

If you’d like a refund, you can

You DIDN’T receive the website or email’s activation or license key.

There is no way to get a refund if

✗ As soon as you received the activation/license key via email or the web portal, you had already activated the product.

24 X 7 Customer Support Available : +1-866-617-2712